About Charles Edin

Possessing 26 years of experience as a litigator in North Dakota, Attorney Charles T. Edin has received many awards, honors, and accolades for his diligent work in representing many types of clients involving personal injury matters, oil and gas issues, mineral contests, wills and probate disputes, and other areas of law.

After graduating from the University of North Carolina School of Law in 1983, Charles T. Edin functioned at the law firm of Zuger & Bucklin until 1996, when he opened his own law firm, Charles T. Edin Law Office. While serving in that capacity, Charles T. Edin contributed to the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation as a North Dakota Case Law Reporter from 1988 until 1995. In 1992, Who’s Who Among Rising Young Americans featured Charles T. Edin, and Charles T. Edin earned a place in Who’s Who in American Law. In 2008, American Trial Lawyers named Charles T. Edin as one of 2007’s Top Trial Lawyers for the state of North Dakota. The North Dakota Association for Justice further recognized Charles T. Edin by electing him to its Board of Governors in 2007.

One of Charles T. Edin’s most notable accomplishments was in 2000 when the state appointed him to the position of Special Attorney General to represent the state of North Dakota along with approximately 1,000 plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit against TransTexas Gas Corporation. In the two-year long case Fuches, et al. v. TransTexas Gas Corp., Charles T. Edin sought to earn his client unpaid royalties on their oil wells. As a result of the litigation, judgment of approximately a quarter million dollars was entered in favor of the plaintiff class.

Charles T. Edin also has several publications to his name. He co-authored The Growing Uncertainty of Real Estate Titles for the North Dakota Law Review and, as a member of the Mineral Title Standards Committee for the State Bar Association, co-wrote North Dakota Mineral Title Standards. He is also author of oil and gas title related matters for the Institute of Energy Development.

Charles T. Edin has also obtained many major achievements in his personal life. In 2010, the Dacotah Foundation, a community-interest organization working to improve the lives and safety of disabled North Dakotans, elected Charles T. Edin to its Board of Directors. Charles T. Edin also contributes to the Anne Carlson School, an institution that provides educational services to children suffering from disabilities.


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